Natural Products

Over the years, in my wellness practice, I have found a few products that I just LOVE. I am so passionate about the following three companies, I decided to work with each of the companies in some capacity. There is nothing I recommend that I don’t personally use at home. In my opinion each of the following are AWESOME!

Speaking of AWESOME, I have never in the almost 20 years I have used wellness products, I have never been so excited as I am about CBD Performance! Just google CBD and you will see all the benefits that this cannabinoid has to offer. It’s nothing short of amazing. But, CBD Performance has done something rare. Their CBD sourced from imported hemp has zero traceable THC. This is a game changer. All the benefits, none of the risks. I will discuss my personal experiences with CBD on my blog. To learn more or to order, go to CBD Performance now (and enter ericajones at check out)!

Pure Haven Essentials are another awesome product line that I use every day. They make a huge range of household and personal care products. I made my own products for years and have crazy high standards for purity and effectiveness. Pure Haven Essentials make the best, most consistently great natural products that I have found (that aren’t hand made). If you are looking to detox your home or your products, look no further than Pure Haven Essentials.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often” -Winston Churchill

There are many other awesome products out there and I haven’t tried them all. ┬áIf you want to know more about how clean your products are, I recommend visiting the Environmental Working Group’s site to do your own research..